Craftsman Style Homes


Craftsmanship is a word that evokes a feeling of quality that comes from knowing how to take raw materials and using skills learned from masters, create something beautiful. It can be anything from the design of a project where the site guides the design and the architect creates structures that harmonize with the natural elements. The man made elements of the project will embrace nature, not erase it, invite the light, not block it, incorporate function not restrict it with a preconceived standard design. 

Vision Statement

Foster a strong community through mutual respect for the land, the life it sustains and the people who enjoy living on it.


Take what you need and give back an equal portion.  What we use of our land should be replaced, replenished, rejuvenated and respected. For every tree that is lost, one should be planted, nutrients used in agricultural production will be put back through the use of cover crops and all practices will be organic based. To be good stewards of the land, we will protect the natural resources and by caring for the land, we hope that the land will in turn care for us.

Renewable Energy 

Supporting Renewable energy