Similar Projects

NWA is changing in many good ways.  Western states have adopted codes that not only allow, but encourage community based neighborhood construction.  Greenhouse Commons may be the first of its kind in NWA, but we don't think it will be the last.  A great example of the type of community we are building can be found at this web site.  


For some examples of Cottage Communities, please visit:


Home Plans

All of our home designs will be from a building in Washington State with a decades long history of building energy efficient, high quality, Craftsman style custom homes.  These are well designed and maximize a small footprint by using spaces extremely well.  


All of the images in this slide show have come from Scott Homes.

Local Projects

While our project will be the first of its kind, others have paved the way for us to be successful.  The NWA market is ready for a different way of living and we are poised to offer just what they are looking for.  This is a niche market but one that will provide like minded people an oasis to gather, live, thrive and grow together.


Black Apple Community is the newest example in NWA of this kind of community.