Our Farm

We moved from Rogers to Pea Ridge in 2013 and began renovations on the old farmhouse. We inherited some heritage breed animals with the farm and quickly learned to take care of cows, goats, sheep and chickens. It has been a great experience - but not without its fair share of mistakes. Many of the farm stories are captured in blog posts. Learn how NOT to load a steer.

Currently we have 2 sheep, 3 cows, 14 chickens, one dog and lots of flowers!

I confess I'm now a seed addict seeking out any and all unique varieties to try on our flower farm. We have thoroughly enjoyed sharing the blooms and designs created from our farm flowers with our local customers, friends and neighbors.


Several years ago we had our first wedding here at the farm and it happened to be for our own daughter. Since we live here and it is a working farm, any event will have to fit into our schedule for now. Eventually we will dedicate this space for events and renovate the barn as our main venue. If you're flexible, we can host your special day whether it be a baby shower, bridal luncheon, bridal DIY party (pick and arrange your own flowers) or hold your wedding here. At night with the lights it is magical out by these massive trees.

Our Family

We have been blessed with 8 amazing children and they keep bringing home these wonderful spouses and our family keeps growing and growing. As the flower farm business grows and we expand our venue we will bring on our kids to help run the farm and take care of guests. 

I've worked with flowers since I was a teenager and helped with my sister's weddings. Then I worked at a florist in college making hundreds of arrangements and body flowers for dances and events. After we had several children I started a wedding rental and event planning business and moved that to Arkansas when we moved here in 1994. 

Plant Sale Sept 20-22
Trees, shrubs, rootstock, perennials